TANZANIA – Construction of a college of technology and professional sccol in the village of Moshono, Provinz Arusha, Tansania.



Implementation of a financial funds for the benefit of those refugees in the English region of Cameroon who had to leave their region because off the awful civil war


ECUADOR – Construction of 14 bamboo and timber houses “Hogar de Cristo” for the benefit of farmer families in the rural areas of the Province of Manabì, in North-Western-Ecuador. Those families has lost their homes because oft he terrible earthquake in April 2016.


TANZANIA – Construction of a rainwater basin and a deep well for the community of Wami Dakawa, in the region of Morogoro, Tanzania.


KENYA – Construction of a new building for the primary school “St. Beatrice” in Luanda/Western Kenya.


ECUADOR – Construction of 6 class rooms and 2 laboratories for the primary school “San Juan Bosco” in Rocafuerte, Ecuador.


TANZANIA – Construction of a channelling system of spring water for 4 schools and the entire village of Moshono, Arusha/Tanzania.


UGANDA – Construction of a boys dormitory in the St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Akanyo, Nebbi-District /Uganda.



Furthermore, Circle has been charged from the Missio Office of the Diocese Bolzano and Bressanone with 6 further projects, namely:


1. KENYA – Construction of an educational administration building for the St. Anthony and Joseph Grils Study Center in Langata, Nairobi /Kenya.


2. TANZANIA – Construction of a new section in the St. Michael Health Center di Disunyara - Mlandizi /Tanzania.


3. TANZANIA – Construction of a new clinical care center in the village of Kewbamba, Tarime/Tanzania.


4. TANSANIA – Construction of a scientific laboratory for the Secondary School B. Hilorst in Mgolole, Morogoro /Tanzania.


6. INDIAExtension of the St. Thomas English Medium School in Dekhapara, Assam /India




KENYA – Consturction of sleeping rooms for the deaf-mute school “St. Clare in Ebukuya” in Luanda/Western Kenya and renovation of the adiacent primary school.


ECUADOR – Construction of a multifonctional school in the community of Las Palmitas, in the Canton Jama /Province Manabì, in North-Western- Ecuador.


ECUADOR – Implementation of a rotation programm small loans for the benefit of 52 families in the community of Las Palmitas, Purichime and Don Juan Adentro, in the Canton Jama, Province Manabì, in North-Western- Ecuador.


TANZANIA – Construction of a rainwater basin and a deep well for the community of Sokoine/Dakawa, in the region of Morogoro, Tanzania.


KENYA - In 2014 Circle startet with its first project: The enlargement and construction of part of the “Ebusiratsi Secondary Girls School St. Bakhita” in Luanda/Western Kenya. The school has been inaugurated in August 2015. Since 2016 600 girls are able to attend it.


In January 2016 the dormitory of the girls school burned down. Thanks to a special donation fund, Circle was able to build, so that the girls had their dormitory soon again.


KENYA - In 2016 Circle build two class rooms, a kithchen and a multifunctional room for different activities of the “Ebukuliti Primary School” in Luanda/Western Kenya. Today 400 children are happy to attend the school.


KENYA -  In 2016 Circle purchased medical equipment and machinery for the medical multipurpose building „Ebwirannyi Medical Facility Center“ in Luanda/Western Kenya. Thanks to it, the medical team is able to guarantee the basic medical care and to Counteract the precarious situation. This  building was inaugurated in 2017.

KENYA - Thanks to many donations of private donators, Cirlce was able to introduce an auxiliary programme for the street children of the „St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center“ in Luanda/Western Kenya. A part the collective accomodation for the children and youngsters, Circle introduced also a rehabilitation programme for those street children.


The first 10 years of Circle - On the occasion of 10 years of Circle, on May 6th 2023 took place a charity event “Meran/o Circle Music Aid 2023” in the Kursaal Merano.
A project carried out in collaboration with Jam Music and 30 local musicians and bands who contributed with own compositions for free in favor of Circle.
During the evening several Circle projects as well as the international partners of the association were presented. Zeno Von Braitenberg and the mountaineer Tamara Lunger showed a short reportage about female genital mutilation in Tanzania filmed in Summer 2022 during a Circle mission. Almost 300 guests attended the charity event and enjoyed the live music. The charity-event was a huge success and gave more visibility to the non-profit association Circle.